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 We the entire family & relatives are very

Proud of You


malam gradute dress

 Congratulations Edna Fe Ramirez

From: Romulo & Rosario Fatima Desades (mama & papa) and family, Nanay Myrna & Family,

Mommy (Nennette) Edna B. Sten, Mama Bella (Byang) & Family,

Uncle (Buds) Admer,Neil,Jhun,Glenn & Manang Dhing  & Family,

The Butlay's Family, Tiya Nita, Uncle Peter, Uncle Sanneth, Uncle Clint & Family

Auntie Glorife,Uncle Shannon & Matthew Rehnelt, Auntie Maria Aurora,Uncle Daniel & Hachi,

Uncle Carl "dodz", Auntie Chari & Justin (Santiboy),

cum laude

We Are all Proud of You : Edna Fe Ramirez